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Ivoria Premium Travertine | 18x18 | Tumbled

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Ivoria Premium Travertine | 18x18 | Tumbled
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When it comes to your bathroom, you treat it like your own mini-spa. The décor is relaxing and always inviting: it's the perfect place to unwind after a long day of work. Once you decided that you needed to spruce up the décor in the bathroom, the first thing you thought to change was the tile. You wanted something in a clean, calming color and with a natural look. Once you discovered Ivoria Premium travertine tile, you knew that you had found the perfect match. In a rich, creamy eggshell color, Ivoria Premium travertine is just what you were looking for. With a tumbled finish, Ivoria Premium tile has exactly the natural look that you had in mind, perfect for your bathroom floor and shower walls. After your Ivoria Premium tile has been installed, you look around your bathroom and think to yourself that it has never looked so great.

Best Used For:

Ivoria Premuim Tumbled travertine tile can be used for floors and walls for both indoor and outdoor projects such as: dining areas, patios, kitchens and bathrooms.

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