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Java Cream Marble | 12x12 | Honed

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Java Cream Marble | 12x12 | Honed
Product Number: 1985
Availability: In Stock
* Stone Type: Marble
* Country:
* Primary Color: Golden, Brown
* Variations: Low
* Freezing Climate: NO

Java Cream marble has a light brown base with some dark shading throughout. On the face of the stone, there is some darker brown veins that create loose patterns; much like spilling coffee on white paper and the heavier the saturation, the darker the vein. The pattern of veining mimics that, with some veins standing out more than others, but upon closer inspection you can see the lighter spots of the vein that does not stand out at first. Honed marble lacks a shiny quality and has a velvet/satin feel when touched. Overall Java Cream Marble has a warm color scheme and with a low variation, makes it a simple decision to add this to your home or office.

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