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Light Brick Travertine | 3x6

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Light Brick Travertine | 3x6
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Light 3x6 is a wonderful set of rectangular mosaic tiles that have been set in a brick pattern. These come in an off-white colour with some natural grey veining. It also comes in an uneven and matte texture for that rustic or antiqued look.

Light 3x6 is made from very durable natural travertine, so it is guaranteed to last years of wear without getting damaged. It can be easily maintained with a yearly application of sealant. It has a unique beauty because it comes from nature, so no two sets are alike. These are also very easy to install and work with.

Best used for: 
Light 3x6 is great for outdoor applications such as entrances, pathways, driveways or for decorating your garden as floor tiling. For the indoors, it can also be used for living areas as backsplashes or flooring. This goes perfect for any rustic home or building décor.

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