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Light Noce Stone Mosaic | S Pattern

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Light Noce Stone Mosaic | S Pattern
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Light Noce S Pattern comes from honed travertine, which means it has been polished to a smooth surface. The colours are made up of a variety of pinks and browns with some natural beige or grey veining. The tiles have been set in an S-pattern with an overall collection of earthy tones for that rustic feel.

Light Noce S Pattern is made from travertine, a natural stone that will surely last you a lifetime due to its hardness and durability. To maintain its beauty, a yearly application of sealant is basically all you need. Travertine also boasts of natural beauty without being as expensive as other natural stones such as marble. Travertine is also useful for creating that aged-look that is considered very warm and inviting.

Best used for:
Light Noce S Pattern is best used for a residential setting, preferably in living or public areas with heavy foot traffic. It can be used indoors for the kitchen or bathroom as tile flooring. Outdoors, it can be used as excellent pathways and entrances or decorating the garden and backyard.

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