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Light Stone Mosaic | 1 1/4x5/8

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Light Stone Mosaic | 1 1/4x5/8
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Light 1 1/4x5/8 is made from beautifully honed travertine. It comes in a white colour with beige undertones and minimal grouting in between the mosaic tiles. The collection has been set in a brick pattern with an uneven texture for that authentic natural look.

Light 1 1/4x5/8 is made from travertine, a very durable and long-wearing natural stone. Travertine is easy to work with: you can basically cut and shape it to fit spaces and oddly shaped areas. It is easy to maintain, with only an application of sealant once a year to protect it from the elements. 

Best used for: 
Light 1 1/4x5/8 is commonly used in kitchens, but can also be applied to living rooms as walls or floors. You can use it as a backsplash for these areas as well as for vanity areas. In the bathroom, it can be used to accent a bath tub or shower area. It can also help decorate around your hot tub or garden.

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