1. Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 1x2

Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 1x2

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Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 1x2
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Light Tumbled 1x2  is a stunning set of rectangular-cut mosaic tiles, arranged in a brick pattern and are made from travertine.  It comes white with brown natural veining. It has some texture for that rustic and aged look.

Light Tumbled 1x2  is very hard-wearing and durable to last a lifetime. Its beauty can last longer if annually applied with sealant. It is versatile and can be effortlessly used for a number of purposes seeing that cutting and shaping the material is very easy. Lightweight and easy to install.

Best used for: 
Light Tumbled 1x2  can be used in almost any area of a residential home. It is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen as tiling for walls or floors. For example, as a shower or bath wall. In the kitchen, it is great as a backsplash or accent underneath counters. Outdoors it is great to use for backyards or garden areas as flooring or decorations.

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