1. Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 5/8x5/8

Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 5/8x5/8

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Light Stone Mosaic | Tumbled | 5/8x5/8
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Noce Tumbled 5/8x5/8 is an outstanding mosaic tile piece that is made out of travertine. It has square patterns that give a unique artistry and modern sophistication to any kind of surface. It is brown in color and has a smooth texture.

Noce Tumbled 5/8x5/8 is a great material that entails beauty and practicality. It is available in different sets of design and available at a cheaper price. It is very easy to install and to maintain. It is very durable and can retain its appearance after a long period of time.

Best Used For:
Noce Tumbled 5/8x5/8 carries the aspect of versatility since it is great for any indoor or outdoor surfaces. It is the kind of material that gives a remarkable appearance for floors, walls, fireplace surrounds, sink, and many more.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
Noce Tumbled 5/8x5/8 is a great tile piece that goes perfectly with shades like nude, yellow, peach, white, and light brown.

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