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Light Vein Travertine | 12x24 | Filled | Honed

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Light Vein Travertine | 12x24 | Filled | Honed
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Watercolor painting has been your passion ever since elementary school, whenever you get the chance, you spend your time putting color to a canvas. When it came time to replace the flooring in your kitchen, you wanted your choice to be inspired by you love of painting. You knew that you had found the perfect tile when you came across Light Vein travertine from Tile-Stones. The vein pattern in the tile flows effortlessly and resembles the beautiful blending of watercolors. The honed finish on the tile gives it a smooth, but not too shiny texture, somewhere between polished and matte. After your flooring is installed, you feel inspired to break out the brushes every time you walk into your kitchen and see the lovely cream colored Light Vein travertine tile on the floor.

Best Used For:

Light Vein travertine tile can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is perfect for outdoor areas such as gardens, patios and walkways and works great indoors in kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms.

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