Are you excited!? I know I am! I’m excited it’s Friday and I’m excited to be sharing the 5 articles I found this week, that I loved!


1. From an Anteater on a Leash to a Hippo that Gets Massages, Here are the Weirdest Pets from Around the World, Yahoo! Travel

Okay. So this article is crazy to read! I thought having a bunny was exotic, but on the scale of these “pet” owners, I don’t even count! Some of the pets featured are a Lynx, Hippo, Grizzly Bear and a Mountain Lion. It’s interesting to read the stories on how these people found these animals to be their pets. Personally, I’d be too scared to have an animal like this in my home, but that’s just me.


2. Wise Words, A Cup of Jo

First, let me say I read A Cup of Jo daily, and I think you should put it on your blogroll too! This piece is a quick jot of ideas that really make you consider how you see yourself and how you want to instill others to see themselves. It also makes you try and think how you look when you are truly wrapped up in being yourself. I know deep stuff, but well worth the quick read.


3. I Had Fear Of Missing Out Until I Changed My Mind, oh dear drea

Another great blog I read daily! Drea has a creative writing style and can capture you no matter what she’s writing about; whether her daughter eating vegan, life, family and soooo much more. But back to the point! This article makes you press pause on your social media game. Are you missing out on the real world to connect on Facebook? She makes you think about questions roughly like that. And in today’s social media world, I occasionally need an article like this to make me ponder if my social media use is justified or a comfort blanket.


4. Six stretches for people who sit at desks, A Cup of Jo

So Joanna had another great article this week (no surprise!) that was beneficial to me because I sit at a desk 40 hours a week! this article is just as it says, it offers six stretches to help you break that mid-day slump and re-energize! Now these stretches are definitely for a person in an open work environment, or someone who works from home. But, I work at a place I can do these stretches and they definitely work!


5. What Does It Mean To Live Intentionally?, Hello Neverland

Another blog I love to frequent, Hello Neverland! This piece talks about living consciously around your beliefs and values. I am sort of in a limbo phase in my life and this piece made me reflect on who I fell I am, who I want to be and how people might perceive me. It’s a good thinking piece! I suggest you give it a go!