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Luxor Pecan Porcelain | 18x18
Luxor Pecan Porcelain Tile 18x18

Luxor Pecan Porcelain | 18x18

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Product Number:2121C
  • Application:Light Commercial, Floor, Wall, Outdoor, Indoor, Baths......
  • Thickness 5/16"

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Field Tile


PEI Rating : 4


Frost Resistant: Not Effected


Coefficient of Friction: >.6 wet


Breaking Strength: >500 lbs


Water Absorption : < 0.5%

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The new fine art gallery in your town finally opened and you can't wait to get down there and see what all the fuss is about. As you step in the lobby, you notice the golden glow of the room and feel the welcoming energy emanating from the space. Looking down, you notice the Luxor Pecan porcelain flooring and you are sure that you've spotted where the warm vibe is coming from. The creamy beige tile embellished with beautiful mocha colored veining adds a warm tone to the room that is unmatched. Over the years, as many patrons visit the gallery, the porcelain tile will maintain its beautiful finish as it is an extremely durable man made substance. It is also chip, scratch and stain resistant. As you leave the art gallery, you think to yourself that the most beautiful thing you saw that night may very well have been the Luxor Pecan porcelain tile floor.

Best Used For:

Luxor Pecan porcelain can be installed in light commercial areas, residential kitchens or bathroom as tiling for walls and floors. This is great as a shower or tub wall inside the bathroom, or parts of a counter and backsplash of a kitchen. It can also be applied to spaces that are exposed to heavy foot traffic as it is able to handle the wear.

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