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Marble Mosaic | Rosso Luna | 5/8x5/8 | Polished

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12x12 Sheet Rosso Luna 15mm X 15mm Stone Mosaic polished
Product Number: 2216

You were looking for rich colored tile mosaic for the accent wall in your home theater and your search ended the moment you set your eyes upon Rosso Luna marble mosaic tile. The deep burgundy color of the tile perfectly matches the color of the velvet theater chairs that you had installed last month. The polished finish of the marble shines in the dim lighting of the room and emits a warm and comforting feeling. Rosso Luna marble mosaic features varying shades of maroon, burgundy and deep purple with accents of dark grey and cream throughout. The Rosso Luna polished marble mosaic tile definitely completes the look of your home theater.

Best Used For:

Rosso Luna is great for any indoor or outdoor surfaces because of its versatility. It can be used for floors and walls in your kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool areas.

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