1. Marble Round Beige 18" Sink

Marble Round Beige 18" Sink

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Marble Round Beige 18" Sink
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Marble Round Beige 18" Sink is a classic stone vanity sink created from marble. It comes in an exquisite beige with an assortment of natural veining, which only adds to its appeal. The sink is moulded to a basin shape with smooth, even edges which can add elegance to any modern-day home or building. It also comes polished with a sleek surface.

Marble Round Beige 18" Sink is one of the best building materials to use due to its hardness and durability. It can be reliable addition to your home that would last a lifetime. Cleaning and maintenance is also a breeze because of this reason. It is stainless, scratch-free and can retain its vibrant look for years.

Best used for: 
Marble Round Beige 18" Sink is best used for a vanity sink for a residential bathroom. It can be used for all types of rooms such as your masters or guests’ room. It can also be placed outdoors near a pool or shower area if needed. 

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