A marble tile is lovely. It can make your home more appealing and attractive. You can make sure that this lovely tile can complement the beauty of your home which will soon become an envy of many. However, how do you install a marble tile?
  1. Check the strength of your floor. It should be strong to hold your marble tile as it’s a bit heavy. You can also strengthen your flooring if you need so.

  2. Make sure that the floor is clean and dry before starting. It’s important to remember that your marble may also crack or loosen if your floor is dirty with debris and dirt. In fact, any obstacles in the flooring may also hinder the marble tile from attaching to the floor evenly.

  3. Design your layout. You have to plan for your design before you actually start installing your tiles. You can also do a dry run.

  4. Measure the center of your floor. Take the width and the length, and then divide them by two. It’s where you should begin installing your tiles. It’s always in the center. It will help you know if you got enough tiles or not.

  5. In choosing for the thinset color, you have to remember the marble’s color, too. Take note that dark thinset will reveal. It can also ruin your tiles’ color.

  6. Speaking of the thinset, you may also want to think of the grout’s color. Choose the grout to match the color of your marble tile.

These are the six steps in installing your marble time. Although it’s an expensive type of tile, you can depend on it when it comes to style, durability, and strength. Choose this type of tile to install in your home if you want renovation or redecoration. You may also want to install this tile if you got a newly-built home. When your tiles are all set up, don’t forget to keep them clean daily. Make sure that you don’t use harsh cleaners to clean your tiles.

Why choose marble tile?

A marble tile has higher heat conductivity, so it can keep you and your family warm particularly in the winter.  You can also take advantage of it because you won’t need a carpet for your flooring. This type of tile doesn’t need you use carpets which are pricey and requires much maintenance. Plus, this type of tile has its unique design, so you won’t need any other decorations to highlight its beauty. In addition, you can expect to walk conveniently on your floors. This helps you and your family has proper fluid circulation in your system. It benefits health buffs who don’t want any sicknesses. It’s also advised to install this type of flooring for homes where old people live. Marble flooring is comfortable to walk on. Aside from those physical characteristics, it also has the power to help avoid allergens and pathogens from staying on your floor’s surface.