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Crema Royal Marble | 24x24 | Polished

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Product Number: 2302
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* Country: Turkey
* Size: 24x24 Micro beveled
* Thickness: 3/4"
* Freezing Climate: yes
* Finish: Polished

When you bought your new home, you knew that the flooring needed an upgrade. You wanted a marble tile that was timeless, with a polish that would gleam in the afternoon sun. Crema Royal marble tile was the perfect match for you. With it's smooth cream color and subtle rose undertones, this classic marble invokes images of romantic and elegant ancient Roman architecture. This 24x24 tile has a polished finish for a smooth surface and contains intricate veining that provides visual interest. A timeless treasure, Crema Royal tile will bring elegance and style to any space it is installed in.

Best Used For:

Crema Royal marble tile is ideal for indoor spaces. It is wonderful in bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and hallways. It is not recommended to be installed in wet rooms, such a bathroom or laundry room, due to its high slip factor when wet. This tile can even be used as a neutral backsplash in the kitchen.

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