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Max Windsor | Chateau Hickory | Outback Handscraped Collection

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Outback Collection Chateau Hickory Handscraped 6" width Hardwood Floor TLELY1108
Product Number: 2266
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When your aunt comes to town, you can't wait to have her over for dinner. Partly because you missed her, but mostly because you can't wait to show off your new Chateau Hickory wood flooring. When she arrives, it's the first thing she notices, and she points out how elegant your house has become with a simple change of flooring. She asks about the brand and you tell her that it's Max Windsor, from the Outback collection. You also let her know that wood flooring is hypo-allergenic, she she'll no longer be sneezing every time she enters your home due to dusty carpet. She tells you that she loves the semi matte finish and as you head into the dining room, she tells you that your home has never looked better.

Best Used For:

Chateau Hickory is an engineered hardwood floor from the Max Windsor collection that is ideal for both residential and commercial use. It works well in lobbies, office buildings, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

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