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Max Windsor | Creme Brulee | Windsor Handscraped Collection

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Handscraped Creme Brulee Hardwood Floor Max Windsor TLELY0706
Product Number: 2256
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When your mom moved into her new condo and she asked you to help her redecorate, you both decided that the first thing to go would have to be the horrible powder blue carpet throughout the space. She knew that she wanted hard wood flooring but wasn't sure of the exact color or style. All uncertainties were put aside when you both spotted Creme Brulee Handscraped hardwood flooring. The rich auburn color of the wood was the perfect accent for her furniture and the convenient sizes made it easy to measure and install. Another benefit of Creme Brulee hard wood floors were that they are eco-friendly, very important for your "green" mom. Once the Creme Brulee floors had been installed, you looked around and knew that she would be very happy in her new home.

Best Used For:

When it comes to hard wood flooring, Creme Brulee Handscraped hard wood is the way to go. Designed to go wonderful in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and bed rooms as well as in commercial areas, this hard wood floor is not only beautiful but functional as well.

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