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Max Windsor | Charlotte Hickory | Windsor Handscraped Collection

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Windsor Collection Charlotte Hickory Handscraped Hardwood Floor TLELY0718-5
Product Number: 2247
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When you move to a historic town for work, you decide to take your first weekend and go sightseeing. You stop by an old Victorian house that has been converted into a museum and take a look around. Once you step inside, you can't believe how beautifully restored all of the furniture is. But what really catches your eye is the Charlotte Hickory hard wood flooring. Your guide tells you that there was a flood in the house about 20 years ago and all of the flooring had to be replaced. The museum committee decided to install Charlotte Hickory and you don't think they could have made a better decision. The dark stain of the wood gives off an air of elegance and sophistication that you often associate with the Victorian era. As you leave the house to go on to your next stop, you turn back around to ask the guide where the flooring was purchased so that you can get it installed in your own home as well.

Best Used For:

Handscraped Charlotte Hickory hard wood flooring is wonderful for indoor floors. For those who are "green" conscious, this is a great choice because it is self sustaining and biodegradable.

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