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Max Windsor | Exotic Walnut | Windsor Handscraped Collection

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Windsor Collection Handscraped Exotic Walnut Hardwood Floors TLEJL0725
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When you traveled abroad for the first time, you went on a business trip to Japan. Once you landed, you were transported to your hotel where you were relieved to put down your bags and relax a little bit. As you lay on your hotel bed, you took a look around your room and noticed the beautiful Japanese decor that surrounded you. The walls were covered in beautiful Cherry Blossom wallpaper and the room was bathed in soft light. The floors were made from Hand Scraped Exotic Walnut hardwood and they seemed to flow effortlessly with the rest of the room. The bamboo like details in the hardwood floors give it an exotic feel, while the dark maple stain makes it feel homey and comfortable. Once you're finished relaxing, you get up, take one last look at the Exotic Walnut hardwood flooring and know that it's going to be a great trip.

Best Used For:

Handscraped Exotic Walnut is great for indoor projects. It looks beautiful as living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen flooring. Hardwood flooring is ideal for allergy sufferers as it is hypo-allergenic.

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