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Max Windsor | Tropical Walnut | Windsor Handscraped Collection

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Windsor Collection Tropical Walnut Handscraped Hardwood Floor TLEJL0722
Product Number: 2245
Availability: Discontinued

When your friend said they would let you stay in their condo in the Bahamas for free, you jumped right on that offer. Within a week you were on a plane setting off to the magical islands. Once you got to the condo, you were amazed that the inside of it was almost more beautiful than the beautiful Bahamas landscape it was built on. The walls were painted a cool aqua blue and the floors were Handscraped Tropical Walnut. The hardwood Tropical Walnut flooring was definitely the star of the house and with a beautiful dark maple / cherry color, it wasn't hard to see why. The wood grain pattern adds a natural feel to the space that makes it feel like a breath of fresh air. Once you settle in, you take a good look around, spot the Handscraped Tropical Walnut hardwood flooring and know that it's going to be a great vacation.

Best Used For:

Handscraped Tropical Walnut is an ideal flooring choice for your home. It is hypo-allergenic, eco friendly and beautiful. What could be better?

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