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Max Windsor | Aussie Brown Maple | Outback Handscraped Collection

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Outback Collection Aussie Brown Maple Handscraped Hardwood Floor TLELY1113
Product Number: 2261
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When you moved into your new house, you knew for sure that there was only one thing that the spare room was going to become, and that was a home library. Once you got settled in, you began planning the dcor for your new piece of heaven and decided that the first thing to change would be the floors. Something dark but not to dark, and sophisticated looking would do the trick. You had trouble finding exactly what you wanted until you came upon Aussie Brown Maple Hand Scrape hard wood flooring. The rich nutmeg color of the wood is perfect for the room, elegant but not dark and drab. The wood grain pattern adds extra interest to the hardwood and the convenient plank size makes fitting the floor into the room easy. Once your Aussie Brown Maple flooring has been installed, you are confident that your new library will be your favorite room in the house.

Best Used For:

Aussie Brown Maple hard wood flooring is great for commerican projects, such as lobbies, reception areas and meeting rooms. It is also great for residential use in kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms.

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