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Max Windsor | Tazmanian Betula | Outback Handscraped Collection

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Outback Collection Tazmanian Betula Handscraped Hardwood Floor TLELY1110
Product Number: 2269
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Your new farmhouse has been everything that you've dreamed so far, but the flooring is just too damaged to repair. Once you made the decision to install new flooring, you knew that you wanted hardwood flooring, but the decision was then what color to choose. With all of your whitewashed furniture, you decided that you should go with something a little darker than you're used to. Tazmanian Betula hardwood flooring was your favorite the moment you set sight on it. The intricate wood grain detailing and the beautiful dark mocha color was exactly what you were looking for. After it was installed in your home, you know that you're going to love this floor for many years to come.

Best Used For:

Tazmanian Betula hardwood flooring from the Max Windsor collection is ideal for both indoor and commercial uses. This engineered wood flooring looks beautiful in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices and lobbies.

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