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Max Windsor | White Sand Walnut | Outback Handscraped Collection

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Outback Series White Sand Walnut Hardwood Floor TLELY1115
Product Number: 2260
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Last year you took a big step and bought a new condo. This year you've decided to take another big step and do a complete makeover of the décor, something that has been needed ever since you moved in. You love the shabby chic aesthetic and have predominantly white furniture, so you knew that your flooring had to accent that. You weren't exactly sure what kind of flooring you wanted until you set your eyes on White Sand Walnut hardwood flooring. The gorgeous color is what sold you: a rich semi-dark wood. The wood is accented with streaks of white throughout, which will tie in with your white furniture flawlessly. The wood grain pattern is so beautiful that it resembles a work of art and you can't wait to have it in your new home.

Best Used For:

White Sand Walnut Handscraped hardwood flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial areas. It is great in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and office buildings.

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