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Max Windsor | Williamstown Walnut | Outback Handscraped Collection

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Outback Collection Williamstown Walnut Handscraped Hardwood Floor TLELY1102
Product Number: 2271
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As you're walking through a new colonial museum on the East Coast, you can't help but be impressed with all of the beautiful furniture that you see around you. Once the tour is over, you linger back to admire the décor a little longer. You look down and notice the flooring, a stunning dark hardwood floor with a slightly worn look it to. The intricate wood grain pattern gives the floor visual interest, while the slight worn edges and chips give the wood texture and character. You stop and ask the manager the what kind of flooring it is, and he tells you that it's Max Windsor Williamstown Walnut Handscraped hardwood flooring. You thank him and when you arrive home, you fire up your computer to search for this lovely hard wood floor. You can't wait to have it Williamstown Walnut installed in your own home.

Best Used For:

Williamstown Walnut Handscrape is ideal for indoor environments, such as living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and hallways. This engineered hardwood flooring is both eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic.

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