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Max Windsor | Old Hickory | Windsor Handscraped Collection

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Handscraped Old Hickory Max Windsor Hardwood Floor TLELY1105
Product Number: 2265
Availability: Out Of Stock Discontinued

For the holidays this year, your family has decided to rent a cabin in the woods and get away for a rustic retreat. As you step inside the cabin,you look around and notice the beautiful Old Hickory Handscraped hard wood glinting in the afternoon winter sun. The cabin is stunning and the inside is covered entirely in wood. You bend down to drop of your bags at the foot of the stairs and notice the intricate wood grain pattern that runs through each wood plank. With the holiday decorations up and the wood looking so fresh and bright, you are sure that you're in a winter wonderland. Once you're settled in, you make a mental note to call the owners and ask where they got their Old Hickory Handscraped hardwood flooring, because you know that it would look wonderful in your own home.

Best Used For:

Old Hickory Handscraped hardwood floors are a great indoor flooring option for your home or commercial business area. It is wonderful in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies and reception areas.

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