1. Mega White Porcelain | 20x20 | 24x24 | Polished

Mega White Porcelain | 20x20 | 24x24 | Polished

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Venice White Porcelain | 20x20 | 24x24 | Polished
Product Number: 2024
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* Country : China
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: <.6 wet
* Shade Veriation :
* Commercial Usage: Light Residential Usage: yes

Mega White Polished Porcelain Tile

These are 20x20 or 24x24 porcelain tiles that are larger than average plain white
tiles with a glossy finish. The smooth surface has a shine to it and
it's beautiful offwhite color will make any design area peacefully stand out.

Advantages of Venice White Porcelain

These Porcelain tiles are very easy to clean, even if they are stark white. Just use mild soap with water to wash and wipe these surfaces and they should be good to go. They also bring the everlasting durability of porcelain which makes it one of the most popular tile items.

Best Used For:

Venice White Porcelain 20x20 or 24x24 Porcelain are best used for indoor floors and walls, specifically for kitchen and bathroom use. These can also replace the more expensive marble as countertops and can make a great hallway or entrance design.

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