1. Merlot Glazed Porcelain | 10x10 | 13x13 | 10x20 | 20x20

Merlot Glazed Porcelain | 10x10 | 13x13 | 10x20 | 20x20

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Merlot Glazed Porcelain Stone Look 10x10 or 13x13 or 10x20 or 20x20
Product Number: 2084
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* Pei Rating : 4
* Breaking Strength: > 464 Ibs
* Shade Variation : V3
* Chemical resistance: Not Effected
* Application: Light Commercial, floor, Wall, Counter top, Back Splash, Pool

The town square just got a remodel and today the town is putting on a carnival to celebrate. As you walk up to the gazebo in the park, you can't believe how beautiful it is. The fresh white paint shines in the sun, the new plants add a bright pop of color, and the Merlot glazed porcelain tile flooring completes the picture. Because the tile is made from porcelain, the town had no qualms about putting Merlot porcelain tile outdoors. Porcelain is one of the toughest tiles and therefore resistant to scratches, chips, stains and fading. The dark tan background is spotted with clouds of rosy mocha and dark brown veins, creating a perfect balance of color for the gazebo. As you look around, you don't think that the town square could be any more beautiful.

Best Used For:

Merlot Glazed Porcelain is best used for kitchen counter tops, room flooring and bathroom tile. It can also be used outdoors in pool areas, as well as back splashes in your kitchen, commercial areas, entrances, and accent walls.

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