Tile has been inspiring artists for hundreds of years, and no style more so than the mosaic. As a child, Jason Mecier would watch his grandmother paint and was inspired to bring to life creations of his own; one of his first pieces was a mosaic of noodles, beans and rocks glued to a piece of wood. Now an adult, Mecier has become one of the most recognized artists in pop culture. Famous for his celebrity mosaics, Mecier creates portraits with anything but the expected materials: licorice  makeup, shoes and pills, just to name a few things. Below is a collection of 15 of his most interesting (in my humble opinion) pieces. Enjoy!















1. Amy Winehouse: pills.















2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer aka Sarah Michelle Geller: beans.















3. Carol Channing: flowers.















4. Carrie from the Stephen King novel, Carrie: household items.















5. Condoleezza Rice: rice.















6. Elvis Presley: household items.















7. Kim Kardashian: licorice.

















8. Lady Gaga: items from her personal junk drawer.















9. Lucille Ball: yarn.















10. Mariah Carey: makeup.















11. Michael Jackson: pills.















12. Barack Obama: household items.















13. Rosie O'Donnell: junk food.















14. Donald Trump: household items.















15. And the best for last... The Spice Girls!: candy.


If Mecier made a portrait of you, what would it be made out of?