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Mix 3D Brick Stone TIle Mosaic | 1x2

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Mix 3D Brick Stone TIle Mosaic | 1x2
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Apartment hunting can get you down, and as you're looking at the 8th apartment this afternoon, you're beginning to feel a little downtrodden. As you step into the 8th apartment, your dreary outlook completely changes; you see a wonderful loft space with an accent wall. The Mix 3D Brick mosaic stands out on the accent wall giving the room great visual interest. Featuring both warm (rust colors) and cool (grey colors) tones, this tile gives the apartment the great modern rustic industrial feel that you're looking for. The polished travertine of the mosaic gleams in the sunlight, almost as bright as your smile.

Best Used For:

Mix 3D Brick is recommended to be used as an exterior wall perfect for entrances, to surround a building, or as an accent to outdoor counters and stone planters. These are also very beautiful to use as finishing details for kitchen counters and bath tubs.

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