1. Mix 3D Travertine Stone Mosaic | 2x2

Mix 3D Travertine Stone Mosaic | 2x2

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Mix 3D Travertine Stone Mosaic | 2x2
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Mix 3D 2x2 is a striking set of square-cut mosaic tiles made from travertine. It comes in three colours: brown, brick orange and beige, accompanied with an assortment of natural veining. It is very rustic in design with its unevenness and textured surface.

Mix 3D 2x2 is made from travertine, a natural stone sought after for its rustic appearance and high durability. It can last a lifetime providing that you seal it yearly. It is also easy to clean and work with—you can cut and shape it according to your requirements without having a hard time. The tile is also cheaper in comparison to other natural stones such as marble. 

Best used for: 
Mix 3D 2x2 works great both indoors and outdoors. For a commercial and residential setting, it can be suitable to use as flooring for areas with lots of foot traffic such as living spaces, receiving and dining areas. At a home, it can also be used as kitchen flooring or backsplashes. In a bathroom, it can serve as a finishing detail to surround bath tubs or vanity counters.

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