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Mix Herringbone Stone Mosaic

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Mix Herringbone Stone Mosaic
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Mix Herringbone is a beautiful collection of rectangular-cut mosaic tiles set in a herringbone pattern. It is made from a mix of colours from shades of grey, brown and taupe. The design is very rustic and the surface has a textured matter finish.

Mix Herringbone is made from highly-durable travertine, a natural stone that is guaranteed since ancient times to last for a long time. Given proper sealant and cleaning, its beauty can be preserved. It is easy to work with and installation is painless. It is also cheaper than other natural stones such as marble, without sacrificing quality or appearance.

Best used for: 
Mix Herringbone is best used for exterior floor applications. It is popularly used as stone pavement, for pathways, entrances and driveways. This is perfect for outdoor gardens, terraces and pool sides. Indoors, you can use it as a finishing detail or border for a fireplace.

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