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Ayres Blend Backsplash

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Mosaic Aryes Blend Backsplash
Product Number: 2557
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With a uniform combination of silver, light gray, rich brown and soft beige mini mosaic bricks, Ayres Blend Glass Mosaic is sure to create a warm and welcoming ambiance in your home. Going from such blank white walls, you wanted to create an inviting entryway, radiating warmth that would feel welcoming to even the grumpiest of people. You decided to paint the walls a soft tan and needed an accent design to really create the character of the space. Almost perfectly parallel to the door handle, you decide to put in a border of Ayres Blend Glass Mosaics. Compliment after compliment, you no longer worry whether the colors matched perfectly, or whether the spacing was too low; you know you made the right choice in adding Ayres Blend Glass Mosaics to your home.
Best Used For:
Backsplashes in your residential kitchen or bathroom. As a backsplash for commercial settings in break rooms and bathrooms. May also use as a decorative addition to ceilings or walls.
-Price Per Item
-Color: Brown, Beige, Light Gray
-Material Type: Glass
-Chips Per Sheet: 66
-Size: 1x2x8mm

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