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Calacatta Gold 1x2 Polished Backsplash

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Mosaic Calacatta Gold Polished Backsplash
Product Number: 2558
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Saving for 2 years was well worth all the Saturday nights spent at home, eating butter noodles and searching nearby parking lots for change on the ground. You just got back from Italy and cannot believe all the sites you took in. A month wasn’t even close to the amount of time you should have taken to go. You stared gapingly at the Trevi Fountain and admired in awe the statue of David. You can’t even start to fathom how such amazing creations were made by man; and sometimes with not much more than a chisel and hammer. You wish there was a way to harness that Italian marble for yourself, to create a homage to the best month of your life thus far.  Someday, your dream is to add Calacatta Gold Polished Marble Mosaic as the backsplash for your vanity, so you can go back to Italy every time you start getting ready in the morning.
Best Used For:
Backsplashes in your residential kitchen or bathroom. As a backsplash for commercial settings in break rooms and bathrooms. May also use as a decorative addition to ceilings or walls.
-Price Per Item
-Color: White
-Material Type: Marble
-Finished: Polished
-Brick Size: 1x2
-Chips Per Sheet: 66

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