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Crema Cappuccino Basketweave Backsplash

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Backsplash Crema Cappuccino Basketweave
Product Number: 2587
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There is nothing more attractive than a backsplash with a basket weave pattern. Partnered with the beautiful beige and cream colored swirls in Crema Cappuccino Basketweave backsplash, there are small squares that combine all the interlocking pieces that are a light brown, to a rich brown, color. The pattern created can help to create a fun atmosphere, or a professional ambiance; the pattern is very versatile, especially with the benefit of the Crema Cappuccino marble. Including this pattern into your home will be the easiest decision you make while remodeling your home or business.
Best Used For:
Backsplashes in your residential kitchen or bathroom. As a backsplash for commercial settings in break rooms and bathrooms. May also use as a decorative addition to ceilings or walls.
-Price Per Item
-Color: Beige
-Material Type: Marble
-Finished: Polished

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