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Emperdaor Dark Marble | Tumbled | 5/8x5/8

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Tumbled Emperador Dark Marble 5/8x5/8 pieces on 12x12 sheet
Product Number: 2395
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Open mic night at the local coffee shop is always a great way to spend a Wednesday night. As you sit at the espresso bar with an Emperador mosaic marble back splash sipping your drink, you take a moment to absorb the chic atmosphere and get lots in the sparkling tiles in front of you. The deep brown background color is accented by webs of various shades of tan with spots of white and you are taken with its beauty. The mosaic style of the tile is adds the perfect amount of visual interest to the space without being overwhelming. As the melody of the singer onstage begins to drift toward you, you imagine what the Emperador dark marble tile would like in your own home and you plan on doing a little research as soon as you leave.

Best Used For:

Emperador tumbled 5/8 marble mosaic is great for both kitchen and bathroom back splashes. It also makes for a wonderful accent wall and can be used for lining as well.

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