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Ibiza Blend Smot Backsplash

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Mosaic Ibiza Blend Smoth Backsplash
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You're growing tired trying to think of some inspiration for the backsplash in your new kitchen. You’ve looked through every magazine available and have exhausted searching for home décor inspiration online. You decide to give the search a rest and relax on the sofa; not long after, you drift asleep. Awakened by the dog barking signaling your partner is home, your attention is groggily drawn to the pictures on the mantel; one specifically. The picture of you and your partner in Spain, surrounded by the beautiful metal artwork made by an old man who showed you around the town you two got lost in on your honeymoon. No longer groggy, you know exactly what you want for your backsplash! Knowing you can’t add strips of copper and aged metal to your backsplash without fear of rust and tarnish, you opt for a glass and marble blend of rich browns and creamy beiges that compose Ibiza Blend Mosaic Tiles. There are soft cream pieces, contrasting the rich brown pieces, which are brought together through the marble pieces with soft browns and cream highlights that fall next to them. Giddy with excitement on finally deciding what your backsplash will be, you two decide to celebrate with the bottle of wine your brought back from Spain to celebrate the final touch on your new home.
Best Used For:
Backsplashes in your residential kitchen or bathroom. As a backsplash for commercial settings in break rooms and bathrooms. May also use as a decorative addition to ceilings or walls.
-Price Per Item
-Color: Brown, Beige, Cream
-Material Type: Glass, Marble
-Chips Per Sheet: 121

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