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Tuscany Ivory 2x4 Honed Backsplash

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Mosaic 2x4 Hone Tuscany Ivory Backsplash
Product Number: 2567
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You have always wanted the perfect accent wall down the sides of your outdoor BBQ patio. However, everything you find is too pink, too yellow, or far too white and it almost hurts to look at while in the sun. You want a beautifully soft beige color with a simple, yet elegant, pattern and you want a durable stone that can weather being outside and has a little texture to it. You come upon Tuscany Ivory 2x4 Honed and Beveled travertine and you realize you need to look no further. The beautiful stones have some slight variation in shades of beige, which create a soft and approachable ambiance; exactly what you want your patio to encompass. You think it can’t get any better until you find out this item comes on a mesh backing, making it all that much easier to install.
Best Used For:
Backsplashes in your residential kitchen or bathroom. As a backsplash for commercial settings in break rooms and bathrooms. May also use as a decorative addition to ceilings or walls.
-Price Per Item
-Color: Beige
-Material Type: Travertine
-Chips Per Sheet: 18
-Size: 2x4
-Finish: Honed and Beveled

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