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Multi Color Slate | 4x4

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Multi Color Slate | 4x4
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Multi Color 6x6 Slate is a gorgeous piece of square-cut tile that come from hand-quarried slate. It has a beautiful marbling and natural veining from shades of grey, blue, violet and brown. It has a smooth texture and has gauged edges for easy installation.
Multi Color 6x6 Slate is very durable and resilient. It boasts of natural stone beauty without its usual expensive price tag as compared to other stones such as marble. The tile is gauged, so consistency in its instalment is carried all throughout. It is slip resistant and can withstand a lot of foot traffic without getting damaged.

Best used for: 
Multi Color 6x6 Slate can be used for both exterior and interior applications. Indoors, it is recommended as kitchen or bathroom walls, floors or counters.  Slate is also perfect for large living spaces or receiving areas that receive a lot of foot traffic. Outdoors, it s perfect as parts of your entrance or pathway.

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