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Multi-color Slate | Gauged | 16x16

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Multi-color Slate | Gauged | 16x16
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Multi-color Gauged 16x16 Slate is a beautiful piece of slate tile that has gorgeous marbling and natural veining throughout. Its colors are a mix of violets, blues, greens and greys which make it very eye-catching with an air of sophistication. This comes in a smooth surface with gauged edges for easy installation.

Multi-color Gauged 16x16 Slate is made from slate, a wonderful natural product that can boast of both natural beauty and durability. No two sets are alike so creating a unique pattern is easy. Slate is preferred by designers for its high durability and slip resistance. This particular tile comes gauged, a manufacturing process that results in a smooth, consistent surface which allows for a more accurate, level installation .

Best used for:
Multi-color Gauged 16x16 Slate is recommended for use as flooring for large spaces for residential properties or commercial buildings. Some suggestions include flooring for living and receiving areas, entrances, and also the kitchen and bathroom. Due to its slip-resistant nature, slate is a preferred choice for the bathroom. It can also be used outdoors for landscaping purposes.

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