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Mystique Green Slate | 8x8 | 8x16 | 3/4 | Brushed | Guaged

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Mystique Green Slate | 8x8 | 8x16 | 3/4 | Brushed | Guaged
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Taking a pottery class at the local art center on a Saturday afternoon is one of your favorite things to do on a calm weekend. You love the feel of the cool clay in your hands and the endless possibilities you can create. When you noticed that you needed to replace the tile in your patio, you kept your pottery class in mind and wanted a tile that had visual interest and endless versatility. Once you came across Mystique Green, you know that you had found all you were looking for. This olive green colored gauged slate tile works great indoors and outdoors and will easily transition with any change in your current decor. In varying sizes, Mystique Green is able to be installed in a Versailles pattern and also has matching patterned tiles available should you choose to install them. After your patio has been re-tiled in Mystique Green slate, you think to yourself that it just might look great in the other rooms of your house too.

Best Used For:

Mystique Green gauged slate is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. This versatile slate tile will work with any exsiting dcor, from modern and comtemporary to traditional and rustic. Perfect for flooring in your kitchen, living room, patio or pool area, Mystique Green brushed finished slate tile is a great addition to any home.

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