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Nano White Porcelain | 24x24 | 12x12 | Matte

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Your Price/Sq.Ft $4.59
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Nano White 24x24 OR 12x12 Matte Porcelain
Product Number: 1621
Availability: In Stock
* 12x12: 11 SqFt per Box / 56 Box per PLT/ 11 PCS Per Box
* 24x24: 16 SqFt per Box / 40 Box per PLT/ 4 PCS Per Box

When you moved into your new apartment, you wanted a flooring that would stand out against the industrial design of your space. The sleek white polish of Nano White matte was the perfect choice, and you fell in love with it immediately. When you're relaxing at home in your favorite chair and the sun begins to set, the light plays off of the porcelain tile brilliantly and gives a warm glow to the entire room. One of the best parts of your new tile is the minimum upkeep required with it; since porcelain is scratch, chip and stain resistant, you never have to worry about the quality of your tile. Nano White porcelain tile was most definitely the best design choice that you made.

Best Used For:

Nano White polished porcelain is a versatile tile that is great for indoor and outdoor purposes. It is water resistant and can also be used in kitchen, bathroom, and swimming pool areas.

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