1. Natural Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20

Natural Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20

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Natural Wood Plank Porcelain | 6.5 x 20
Product Number: 1917
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* Stone Type: Porcelain
* PEI Rating: 4
* Coefficient of Friction: < .6 Wet
* Variations: V3
* Residential, Light or Heavy Commercial Usage

Your home theater needed at bit of an update and new flooring was just the thing. When you saw the Natural wood plank porcelain tile, you knew you had found your perfect match! The subtle hints of red that run throughout perfectly pick up the red theater curtains that you had installed. And the best part? This porcelain tile looks so much like wood, guests will never be able to tell the difference! And because this tile is porcelain, spilled drinks and stepped on candy will never be a problem to clean up and won't damage the tile!

Best Used For:
These tiles are great for places like in your bedroom/living room floor, kitchen areas and floors or even as part of your outdoor terrace or dining areas.

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