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Marble Mosaic | Nero Marquina | 5/8 x 5/8 | Tumbled

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12x12 sheet Stone Mosaic Nero Marquina tumbled
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You wanted a dramatic tile for your kitchen back splash and when you set your eyes on the Nero tumbled marble mosaic, you knew you had found your perfect match. The smooth tumbled texture creates a great surface and the color cannot be beat. The dark grey and black tones of the tile aling with the streaks of white throughout create visual interest in your kitchen in a way that no other tile could. You love your new Nero mesh back tumbled marble mosaic so much, you're even thinking of having it installed in your bathroom as well!

Best Used For:

Nero tumbled marble mosaic is great for indoor use, including but not limited to kitchen backsplashes and bathroom shower walls and floors.

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