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New Emperador Light Marble | 12x12 | Polished

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New Emperador Light Marble | 12x12 | Polished
Product Number: 1958
Availability: In Stock
* Stone Type: Travertine
* Country: China
* Primary Color: Brown, Golden
* Variations: Medium
* Freezing Climate: NO

New Emperador Light Marble Mosaic is a unique, polished stone tile that is available in the shade of brown and ivory. It has a smooth texture and shiny appearance. New Emperador Light Marble has a light ivory base with soft mocha veins throughout; there is a busy, shattered affect because of this veining. In between the veins, the shading can go from the base-color of light ivory, to creamy mocha, warm beige and dust brown. In some areas on the face of the stone, the veins turn almost pure ivory, a soft/hazy white. Throughout the stone there are the occasional dark brown flecks; with the polished finish these specs sparkle majestically in the right light.


New Emperador Light can maintain its high-quality appearance for many years as long as proper cleaning will be observed. If left unsealed, marble will patina gorgeously; a benefit for adding that lived-in feel. The polished finished gives a sheen that cannot be matched and a touch of elegance.

Best Used For

New Emperador Light Polished Tiles are ideal for interior uses due to its polished finish. Ideal for floors, walls, counters and ceilings. 

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