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Noce Mosaic | Split Face | 1x2

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Noce Mosaic | Split Face | 1x2
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Noce Split Face 1x2 is a stone mosaic piece that is made out of travertine. It has a non-polished texture and comes in a woodsy blend of brown shades.

Noce Split Face 1x2 is a material that encompasses both beauty and practicality. It can be incorporated in different designs and is budget friendly with a more affordable price point. It is very easy to install and is easy to clean and maintain. It is also very durable and if properly cared for, will retain its appearance for a long period of time.

Best Used For:
Noce Split Face 1x2 is a versatile tile and is great for any indoor or outdoor edges or linings. It will enhance any installation in areas like the living room, kitchen or garden. 

Suggested Matching Tiles:
Noce Split Face 1x2 will complement any tile like marble or porcelain. It can create a beautiful palette when combined with cream, aged olive, or light brown tiles.

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