1. Noce Stone Mosaic | 1 1/4x5/8

Noce Stone Mosaic | 1 1/4x5/8

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Noce Stone Mosaic | 1 1/4x5/8
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Noce 1 1/4x5/8 is an amazing travertine tile that instantly provides a warmer and homier appeal to any kind of area. It is available in the shade of brown and it has an outstanding pattern that gives a different kind of identity to your home. 

Noce 1 1/4x5/8 is a durable material that instantly increases a property’s aesthetic value. It is easy to install and to maintain. It does not require any expensive kind of cleaners since mop and water are enough to retain its beautiful appearance.

Best Used For:
Noce 1 1/4x5/8 is an amazing piece that is perfectly great in areas like bathroom, kitchen, and living room. Whether it is an outdoor or an indoor application, this material will perfectly suit anything.

Suggested Matching Tiles:
Noce 1 1/4x5/8 instantly provides an amazing combination with marble or porcelain tiles. It also gives an amazing result when combined with colors like brown, yellow, and black.

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