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Noce Stone Paver | 3cm | 6x12 | Tumbled

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Noce Stone Paver | 3cm | 6x12 | Tumbled
Product Number: 1196
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* Width: 3cm
* Size: 6x12

Noce Stone Pavers (Tumbled) are thick slabs of beige to tan travertine pavers with light veining. The natural stone is tumbled to remove the rough edges and smooth out the surface but still retain its porous, pitted texture.   
Travertine pavers retain its cool temperature despite being left under the sun all day. It has a non-slip surface that makes it safe for playing and walking areas even when wet. The material is known to withstand erosion and weathering allowing it to keep its appearance without too much fuss. It is a breeze to clean and maintain and will look elegantly beautiful for years. 

Best used for: 
Travertine pavers are commonly used for outdoor construction and landscaping. It is great as a flooring material particularly around the pool and on patios, balconies, and walkways. Stepping stones made from such pavers provide an elegant path in grassy gardens. It is also perfect for driveways, pool coping, and even edging for flowerbeds. 

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