1. Novana Porcelain | 24x24 | Polished

Novana Porcelain | 24x24 | Polished

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Novana Porcelain | 24x24 | Polished
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As smooth and creamy as home-made vanilla ice cream on a hot day, Novana Polished tile will bring a silky richness to any room it is installed in. This milky tile features white veins running throughout a caramelized background and is available in a convenient 24x24 size. A stunning high gloss polish tops off this Novana Polished porcelain tile and it's strength, stain resistance and durability ensure that it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Best Used For:

These tiles are great for places like your bedroom, living room floor, kitchen areas and floors or even as part of your outdoor terrace or dining areas.

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