Recently I have been lacking that creative bug! I am not sure what I should to do trigger it again. I want to craft and design and make and bake and just do it all! But with endless options out there I’m not sure where to start anymore. I have recently bought a metal stamping kit, recently acquired wire bending supplies and I have delved into the crochet world; what’s a crafter to do?!



I have compiled the two ways I (try) and organize my creativity to get started crafting!

1. Pinterest

I know Pinterest is where you get all your ideas and can seem to be grossly overwhelming at times, but hear me out. With the proper Pinterest Board organizational skills, you can make Pinterest work for you! I have started to organize my private Pinterest boards very specifically.


I have a board with crafts that I want to keep myself when done: DIY TO TRY (it’s in all caps with intention I’ll actually do them in a timely manner). I have a board for the presents I have decided to make for Christmas: Gift DIY Xmas. I’ve also made a board to dedicate to DIY projects I’ve finished: DIY I’ve Accomplished (which you can see is lacking…). You can use public, or private, boards to do your organization; just make sure you don’t get distracted by puppies and hair tutorials!


2. Lists

You either love making lists, or hate them. While I always have good intentions with my lists, I mostly never follow them. However, I started having too many crafting projects started at once and decided to make a list. I base my crafting lists off whether there are any presents, the cost, the time and if I can do the craft on my lunch break. Below are some mock examples of what my lists look like. (Given it’s holiday season I can’t show you the real ones!)


My ‘Break Gifts’ list contains the presents I can make on my lunch break while at work. I use Evernote (who is not sponsoring this post!) to organize my crafts because they have the bullet point option of boxes I can check off as I go. As you can see all of my crafting projects for work are crocheting gifts. Then my ‘Home Gifts’ list contains projects I need to do at home, or that require a little more attention to detail. During non-holiday season, I usually have personal crocheting projects on my ‘Break Projects’ list. My ‘Get it done’ list (non-holiday DIY projects) is usually organized by how long it will take me to finish. For example, knowing I have to let a clay project bake, I’ll plan a super easy project during that 20-45 minute time frame. I realize my list method is a little less organized than most, but for the creative mind, sometimes all over lists are best!


I hope one of these options work for you! How do you keep your creativity organized?