It's rare to come across a product that will change the way people design and craft, but ladies and gentlemen, I think I have found one such rarity! Let me introduce you to: The Patterned Paint Roller!



This little beauty was specially engineered by Clare Bosanquet after she spotted a similar tool at a market in Romania. She has adapted the traditional paint roller to fit her patterned stamp and sells these rollers in her online shop. Now crafters will no longer have to choose between plain old wall paper or plain old paint for their walls... You can now have painted wall paper!

The best part about the patterned paint rollers? Many of them work on not only walls, but fabric and paper as well!

I have to admit though, as neat as the patterned paint roller is, a few concerns come to mind. First being that someone with an unsteady hand, such as myself, might not be able to paint these designs on in a straight pattern. Things such as corners and edges are seeming to be somewhat worry some as well. Also, the designs are mostly small and intricate, which would make me concerned about painting with them on a large wall and having it look too "busy." Hopefully in the future Clare can create larger rollers and designs!

The great thing about these though, is that they use paint, which is easy to paint over and correct mistakes :)

These innovative paint rollers are available in nine different designs and are on sale along with the applicators on Clare's website, The Painted House.


This is my favorite pattern, "Design No 7."

Patterned paint rollers used on fabrics!

Intricate pattern on a wall.

This deer pattern is adorable!

What do you guys think of patterned paint rollers? Where would you use them?