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Perlado Marble | 12x12 | Polished

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Perlado Marble | 12x12 | Polished
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Perlado 12x12 Polished Marble is a medium-sized marble tile cut in crisp squares. The background color is dark beige and the surface is riddled with thin, cream veining. Each tile has been polished to a high shine making it reflect light extremely well. 

Perlado 12x12 Polished Marble may be used in contemporary as well as classic designs. The brown color is warm and inviting and may be used in combination with other neutral shades to make a more interesting pattern. The surface is polished making it water-proof. The material is very strong and will stand for a lifetime. It is stain and scratch resistant. 

Best Used For:
Perlado 12x12 Polished Marble is a wonderful surface material for bathrooms and kitchens. It is durable enough to be used both in residential and commercial projects. The creamy color is great for rooms with dark wood furnishings. For high-end establishments, the tile can even be used for the building’s façade and staircases.

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